WooHoo FAQ

Frequently asked questions

What are your business hours?

9am -- 9pm Monday - Friday Sat 9am - 2pm Sun Closed

How do I renew my subscription?

Simply Log in and renew Subscription under your account

Can I get a full refund?

Yes! you can get a refund within a ten day period of purchase

Do you have any branches overseas?

WooHoo is Global , so you have many branches in the European Union, Canada, Usa, United Kingdom ect. To find out more contact our support.

Where is your main office?

77 Camden Street Lower, St Kevin's, Dublin 2, Ireland

Who are Roche Fintech

Roche Fintech has been opperating in financial Markets through trading platforms and instrument liquidity.

Who are SmartBeings

SmartBeings is a Voice AI Startup Focusing on Smart Homes, Small Business & Enterprises. Winner of 2019 Best Product Design by German Design Council, Most innovative Product Award at CES 2018, Winner of Red Herring 2018 , WooHoo, is the world’s most interactive and intuitive AI Assistant

What Is Your Refund Policy

Our Refund Policy : Please click See More

Get in Touch

Talk to us today and explore the future with WooHoo AI Ireland

Camden Street Lower, St Kevin's, Dublin 2

Email. info@woohooai.com

Phone. +353 - 214 - 651- 000

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