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Human Resources

Human resource management serves as the most crucial part in the development and progress of any professional organization. WooHoo AI offers to extend its HR practices and experience to help clients with human resource practices and its management. Our HR management exclusively practices every aspect of workforce acquisition and management in modern scalable enterprises.


We provide help across all major HR activities, fueled by our domain expertise in:


Human Resource Development

Developing a sustainable pipeline of appropriate work force

Managing hiring process to help create efficient resource pool in the organization

Providing consultancy focusing on better working culture at any organization

Set up and manage employment rules

Organizing employee training & appraisal sessions

Monitoring and upgrading work environment at enterprises

Managing good communication with staff and management authorities

Ensure business compliance with employment related legislation

Marketing and Sales

Marketing, as a function is crucial for an organization to excel and explore new business avenues and opportunities. WooHoo AI’s work experience across multiple industry domains helps deliver value to every client. End consumers let us create marketing practices to facilitate all the essential functions within an organization. Our services essentially remodel the marketing strategies to put customer servicing at prime focus and transform organizations to achieve defined and desired end-results.


  • Service we offer

  • Budgeting

  • Optimal Utilization of Funds

  • Forecasting the Next Product to Purchase

  • Pricing Strategies for Consumers

Asset Management

Asset management and tracking can be a cumbersome process, especially for enterprises that lack time and dedicated resources to keep up with its in-house variables. Growing businesses often need compatible solutions that are tailored according to their unique business processes and needs.


Our team of experienced management professionals make use of their improved decision-making skills and relevant knowledge to systematically track and maintain all the organizational assets and resources for successful workflow management, gaining higher ROI in the future.


Our teams hold expertise in creating customized solutions to assist Asset Management Intelligence and Enterprise Risk Intelligence portfolios. WooHoo AI  has been working on industry specific solutions across various domains to facilitate global organizations with solutions like:


  • Articles/assets serialization

  • Managing Inventory

  • Capturing data using mobile applications

  • Managing Asset Lifecycle

Data Archival and Compliance

With a growing inclination towards popular technologies like big data and information protection, IT enterprises are quickly shifting their focus towards cloud computing for efficient data storage and retrieval management solutions.


To operate efficiently, modern organizations need to employ an effective data archiving and management solution backed by equally strong infrastructure and regulatory compliance for fault free data archival and retrieval.


WooHoo AI’s Data archival and compliance solutions substantially reduce organization’s manual delays and operational inefficiencies by helping them centrally manage and retrieve the data collected from host of business applications and work process.

Document Management

WooHoo AI has developed customized solutions to cater to the organizational requirements for efficient document management regarding critical work processes and various technological shifts within work departments. Our management process also aims at reducing total required time for the specified organization to deploy such solutions.


Our team at WooHoo AI has also developed an efficient document management solution, primarily in the process management space for clients working in the BPO or Insurance sector. Our management process majorly help enterprises with lateral process optimization and document management within the same instance.

Process Management 

WooHoo AI’s foundational competency lies in process management using various tools such as Savvion, and IBM BPM to better serve leading organization across mixed work domains. With two decades of work experience in the reserves, we have created and optimized efficient work processes for our clients to let them experience the power of custom developed solution.


Our expertise cuts across industries like Insurance, Banking, BPO’s, Wind Energy, and Information Technology. Our teams create effective process management solutions based on a service-oriented outlook, which is essentially backed by the following four principles:


  • Abstraction

  • Loose Coupling

  • Messaging

  • Composability

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