Tech news you need to know today

This is the tech news you need to know this Monday.

Twitter has flagged a video as 'manipulated media' for the first time after President Trump retweeted a deceptively-edited video of Joe Biden. The company implemented a policy earlier this month to label tweets containing manipulated or synthetic media, the Washington Post reports.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has told office employees to work from home as the company plans to reduce 'human density' in stores amid coronavirus outbreak. In a memo sent to employees, Cook urged some of the company's global office employees to work remotely this week amid the spread of COVID-19.

Facebook has banned all non-essential employee business travel globally and moved job interviews to video-conferencing due to coronavirus. The firm has placed further restrictions on employee movements as the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread globally.

The Gates Foundation is funding at-home coronavirus test kits in Washington state. Bill Gates has been warning about the risk of a widespread disease for years and his foundation pledged $100 million last month to fight the coronavirus outbreak.

People who vape show DNA changes similar to smokers and that are linked to cancer. Experts spoke to Business Insider about the study, and about a common problem faced by many vaping researchers.

A Chinese driverless van delivery startup is witnessing a boom in demand amid the coronavirus outbreak. According to Bloomberg, Beijing-based Neolix is seeing its sales surge as the virus has caused regulations to be loosened.

Businesses plan to spend more money on Amazon and Microsoft and less on Oracle, IBM, and VMware, according to a new survey. Cloud services are claiming a big slice of corporate IT budgets, while vendors of on-premise tech are getting less love.

A secret initiative at Amazon known as 'Project Gesundheit' is working to create a cure for the common cold. The project is part of Amazon's research and development group known as "Grand Challenge" and is part of a "years-long" initiative, according to CNBC.

A seafood salesman accused of smuggling $7 million worth of endangered baby eels has been sentenced. The salesman was accused of smuggling almost 4 tons of illegal species across international borders before he was arrested at Heathrow Airport.

Elon Musk is showering Bernie Sanders with memes since his own favorite Democratic candidate Andrew Yang dropped out of the race. Musk has not openly endorsed Sanders and the memes give little insight into whether he supports the Vermont senator.

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