We see IT differently.

Learn how our approach to IT management can help you today and tomorrow.

How can IT be easier for you?

See IT Differently                Evolve                Maximize Your Time                 Right-Size

Big enterprise vendors build for big enterprise price tags with features and frameworks you don’t need, adding cost, complexity, and services you don’t want.

We do this by arming tech pros like you with powerful, affordable and easy to use software to solve today’s management challenges.

Since day one, we’ve been all about IT management—and that’s all we’ve ever done. Our company was founded over 5 years ago by IT pros who were searching for more efficient and affordable tools to do their jobs.


Existing tools were bloated, difficult to install, and incredibly expensive, so we decided to build better tools ourselves.

We listen and learn from our loyal customers and use this deep understanding to create the kind of software you really need to be successful.

How we see IT differently:

  • Solve IT management problems the way technology professionals want them solved

  • Make products accessible, easy to find, easy to try, and easy to buy

  • Implement, integrate, and maintain solutions without professional services

  • Serve and scale for the ENTIRE IT market, from small businesses to the Fortune 500®

What does it mean to see IT differently?

While technology innovation has changed the world, the truth is the same big vendors have been running the same complex model of enterprise IT software for the better part of a century. And, new entrants aren’t doing much that’s different. We are different, and have been for 5 years.

Evolve, or Die?

The truth of the matter is, as with species and evolution, different companies have characteristics—products, business model—that are a better or worse fit for existing environments. The IT landscape has changed, so why haven’t other vendors changed?

Is Your Network Monitoring Solution a Bad Fit?

It may be time to right-size your network performance monitoring solution

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