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Learn how our approach to Azure cloud management can make hybrid IT easy.

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Does the Cloud Leave You Feeling Like You’re in a Fog?

Moving to the cloud shouldn’t create more problems than it solves. But what if you can’t see what you have in Azure as clearly as you can what’s in your data center?

Do you know how much you’re spending? If a problem occurs, do you know where to start troubleshooting? And do your tools serve your monitoring needs all the way from on-prem to the cloud?

Get complete performance monitoring of your Azure environment.

Our Azure monitoring solutions provide end-to-end visibility of your business-critical applications running on private, public, and hybrid cloud environments.


We provide a single pane of glass view into systems, applications, and infrastructure performance regardless of where they reside, and eliminate the need to switch between multiple Azure solutions for different metrics, helping to reduce the time spent troubleshooting.

Embrace Your Journey to the Cloud

More than 90% of tech pros say they’ve got at least some part of their stack in the cloud – making hybrid environments today’s IT reality. But this new reality didn’t come with an instruction manual. Tech pros have to map their own organization’s journey to the cloud.

Complete Azure Performance Monitoring

Get complete Azure performance monitoring across all your Azure subscriptions and deployed Azure IaaS and PaaS resources.


Through a single pane of glass, you can quickly see the health of your compute resources including containers, and Linux and Windows VMs; the performance of Azure PaaS services including Azure SQL Database and Azure App Service; and more.

Calculate and Control Your Azure Cloud Costs

You’ve moved to the cloud – but do you know what it’s costing you?

Use our Cost Calculator for Azure to consolidate all your Azure expenditure across one or more subscriptions into a single bill, helping you identify your total spending for Azure IaaS and PaaS services.


See the costs of all assigned Azure accounts and their subscription plans, your spending by current or last month, quarter, and year. Find resources you’re paying for, but not using. Consolidate all Azure expenditure and show the final expected cost in one currency. Get a handle on what your Azure cloud solution is really costing you.

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