Know what assets you have and where they are. Knowledge is Power.

Reduce costs, improve security, and be ready for the next audit with IT asset management.

Be ready for your next IT audit

IT Asset Management        License Compliance Management        CMDB        Risk Detection

Knowing what IT assets you have and how they’re used has become a challenge for IT pros managing today’s complex and ever-evolving IT infrastructures.

As your organization grows, so does your technology landscape. A typical IT infrastructure has a wide variety of assets, and new IT projects introduce new assets every day.


Operations can be spread across multiple offices and remote workers. All of this can make it challenging to keep track of IT assets across the business.

Software License Compliance Management

Our Service Desk software license compliance management solutions allow you to easily manage software purchases. Stay on top of upcoming renewals, send notifications to stakeholders, reconcile software licensing, and proactively manage contract terms and renewals.


We offer a Configuration Management Database (CMDB) that helps you keep track of configuration items, map relationships between infrastructure components, and predict the impact on your environment.

Risk Detection

Our Service Desk constantly scans your IT environment to find problematic patterns, allowing you to proactively take action and limit service interruptions.

With a robust IT service management solution, you can more easily and efficiently manage your IT assets in one location, so you are prepared anytime an IT audit arises. Some of the IT auditing benefits that a comprehensive ITSM solution like our *service Desk offers include:

  • Reduce IT costs by better managing and administering the life cycles of your IT assets

  • Ensure software compliance by knowing what you have and what you use

  • Align IT with business goals to support business decisions such as purchasing or renewals

  • Improve productivity by empowering the IT team to easily track and manage assets and their changes

  • Detect unauthorized and illegal software by adopting a software usage policy and easily detecting any policy deviations

IT Asset Management

Control your technology landscape by compiling hardware, software, vendor data, purchase orders, and warranties in a single location for the entire lifecycle of your IT assets.

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