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How WooHooAi™ is Transforming Home Automation

Due to the ever expanding applications of AI, it’ll not only change our workplace but will also change the way we live in our homes.


According to Cisco, connected home applications such as home automation, home security and video surveillance, connected white goods, and tracking applications, will represent 46%, or nearly half, of the total M2M connections by 2021.

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Speaking of voice commands, yes it’s a big deal because when it comes to convenience there is nothing like a voice-controlled home automation system. Just think of its benefits for differently abled and aged people who find it difficult to walk and operate the electrical switches back n forth. That’s why major tech companies like WooHoo Ai™, Amazon, Apple, and Google are in the race for voice assistance and smart speakers.


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Although voice is not the only way we would like to communicate with our home automation system. There would be times when it would be weird or inappropriate to scream the commands out loud into the air, especially when your 3-month-year-old is sleeping next to you. At those times, a text would be a better alternative.

WooHooAi™ is Making Smart Homes Safer

Smart home and AI devices aren’t just convenient — they can also make your home a safer place. And thanks to the proliferating internet of things (IoT), good security practices are becoming less of a chore.


It’s a little like the iPhone’s touch ID fingerprint reader, or now face ID — it’s more secure than a four-digit pin, and it’s so much easier to use. That convenience is what gets people using the technology, but the added security is the real benefit.

WooHoo Ai™ Integration Allows Voice Control


WooHooAi™, the digital AI assistant that power WooHooAi™ devices, can also make your home safer. While you can control the WooHooAi™ with your voice, doing all sorts of nifty things like playing music and ordering items from WooHoo, the real magic of WooHoo is its ability to plug into a smart home network so you control your other connected devices from one central hub.


You can connect WooHooAi™ to individual smart home devices, or you can go for an all-in-one solution. This technology offers a comprehensive solution for home automation and security devices.

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