Frequently asked questions 4G

What difference does 4G data make?

4G data speeds are up to 10 times faster than 3G. That’s great for video, streaming and downloading. So you’ll enjoy a better data experience.

Do I need to change the settings on my phone?

That depends. 4G data is already enabled on most phones, so you probably don’t need to change anything. However if you can’t connect to 4G data but can connect to 3G or 2G, do check if 4G data is enabled on your phone. Please note, settings are dependent on manufacturer and phone model. For Android phones: Tap Settings Locate setting Network Mode (under e.g. Connections->Mobile Networks or Mobile Data) Set Network mode to “LTE/3G/2G (auto connect)” For iPhones: Tap Settings -> Cellular -> Voice & Data or Tap Settings –> Mobile data –> Mobile data options Select LTE Accept the popup for “Enable LTE”

Will I be charged extra for 4G data?

For the service itself, not a bit. 4G data is charged in just the same way as 3G and there is no additional charge just for being on 4G data. However, as 4G data allows for greater speeds your data usage may increase.

Can my phone handle 4G data?

Most WooHoo AI devices support 4G data speeds. To see if yours does, check out the handset checker list below. If your phone isn’t on this list please ask your handset manufacturer if it’s 4G data-ready

How do I get 4G data?

If you’re a Bill Pay customer, it’s easy — you don’t have to do a thing. We’ll let you know when that happens throughout the month of August. If you're a Prepay customer, you will need to sign up to the new Simply Prepay plan from the 21st August that gives 4G data access

How do I know I’m connected to 4G data?

Simple. Your WooHoo AI UNIT will tell you. When you’re connected to 4G data, it will show “4G”, “4G+” or “LTE” in the top bar instead of 3G or 2G (see table below), depending on your phone’s make or model. If your WiFi is on, your phone will connect to your normal WiFi network and you won’t see the 4G symbol. Here’s an example from an Android phone with 4G+ circled in red, indicating that 4G data is connected.

Do I need to change my SIM card?

In some instances a SIM replacement may be required but mostly, no. Once 4G data is enabled, we will automatically update your SIM card, though we may prompt you to update your settings.

Will I always receive 4G data?

As long as your phone is 4G data-enabled and can connect to the 4G mast you will be able to access 4G data. This is automatic, your device will select the strongest signal for your specific location – it’ll switch between 2G, 3G and 4G as you move around. It’s worth noting that data speeds will vary and is dependent on a number of factors including but not limited to your distance from the serving site – see the General Terms for more information on our data service.

What happens with receiving or making voice calls?

4G data is for high-speed data so any voice calls you make or receive are carried over the 3G or 2G networks. Once they’re completed your phone should automatically return to 4G data.

What about text messages?

You can send and receive SMS text messages as normal, without affecting your 4G data service.

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